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Arsenal bringing back club legends a way to go

Since the summer of 2016/2017 season that it has been looking likely that Arsene Wenger’s time at the club is coming to an end, the club decide to start making plans. One of those first step that came rolling at the Emirates is the decision to bring Jens Lehman back. Having Wenger, a manager that has been at your club for more than two decades leave will definitely means a lot to the club.

From the people who want to maintain status quo, to those unwilling that it was time for a change in the way clubs are run in this generation, it’s definitely going to be a great deal letting Wenger go, however inevitable.

When the club finally announce Wenger will be leaving at the end of the just concluded season in April, it was a great deal. The next decision was look for a replacement. The talk of the club ex-players becoming the successor to Wenger started gaining momentum and names started coming out. Mikel Arteta, Patrick Viera, Thierry Henry and several others were touted to be at the Emirates dugout next season.

It was visible the aim is to get one of the people that understands the way the system at Emirates works. Despite the fact that they majorly lack the acumen to do the task at the club at this moment, the club considered all the possible options of satisfying every party and still getting the best for the club.

Getting an experienced coach and serial winner in Unai Emery to take charge at the club is a far better gamble than an Arteta that doesn’t have any experience yet. Now that the club has decided to bring in Freddie Ljungberg into the system will definitely help maintain the club tradition. Different experts in football predictions showed Arsenal should be able to improve their performance with their new staff.

Per Mertesacker also becoming the youth team coach means that almost all generation of players that played under Wenger is represented in the club’s new system.

It’s not a certainty that it will work out but it shows that the club is not dogmatic about opening its hand to the new system in football administration. Whatever happens to the team performance under Emery, the club will know that they have various options to consider within the club before looking outward. It is left for Emery to make sure that he does his best to remain top of his games.

Arsenal might not get to the stage of clubs like Real Madrid and Barcelona yet who have entrenched this kind of system in their club, but they are definitely not far away among premier league clubs to adopt it. It is all Arsenal fans wish that the club return back to his old good days when it won the premier league and were everyone’s delight to watch then.

Within the next three seasons, Arsenal should be contesting in all front for all the titles but for now, gaining stability is the most realistic target to aspire for. Arsenal will soon return back to their level of the best club in London and England.

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