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Pep Guardiola: “We don’t want to break the Invincibles record”

Following their awesome start to the season, Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has taken to the media to say that the race for the Premier League is only just beginning and that anything could still happen in the League.

The Citizens have had a brilliant start to the season as they show the qualities to break all English teams this season and have been praised by the Media numerous claiming they could possibly be the “next invincibles”.

Guardiola was asked he his team could keep up their performances and be the next Invincibles, he said via Manchester City official website: “We are five points in front of United. How many games left? How many points? 84! 84 points to play and we are five points in front.

“If we play like we have been doing until May, we have a chance [of winning the title] – but who can assure me that will happen?

“Even best teams in the world would find it difficult to maintain what we have done in the last two months.

“We will have injuries, many different circumstances. March and April is the best time to talk about this.”

The Sky Blues manager claims that he will be expecting a much difficult test as they will be playing against Arsenal on Sunday, following their triumph over Serie A league leaders Napoli in the Champions League group stage match.

Guardiola continued: “It’s Arsenal next, so it’s complicated. It is the last game before international break and hopefully we can recover well after a tough performance in Napoli.

“What matters is to play good on Sunday and win the game. The main thing is win the next one. We did it the last one and now we have to do it again.

“We try to do a good performance for our fans, to enjoy 90 minutes. Of course, we need our fans’ support again.

“The Champions League was so, so tough and Arsenal didn’t play their normal squad in their Europa League game, so they have rested for one week. Our supporters can help us with that.

“People say we are unbeatable – we are beatable. Some team will beat us. It’s how we react. I want to see.

“The Invincibles record belongs to Arsene Wenger. We are not going to do it. It’s something fantastic. We don’t want to break this record.”

The Spaniard coach reveals his admiration for Arsenal star Mesut Ozil, who he thinks has been underrated times without number, He said: “I don’t have any doubts, in terms of quality. I enjoy him. I have no doubts about his quality. The big men get criticized.

“I admire him a lot. Maybe his body language doesn’t help him too much but sometimes body language can confuse the media. He’s a great player.”

Manchester City have already successfully defeated Premier League defenders Chelsea at their own home which followed immediately the defeat of Liverpool in a 5-0 win, with just three more Big teams to go, the Citizens might just be ready to take the English League for themselves this season.

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