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Richarlison “I copied his hair now Neymar copied my dance”

Brazil International and Everton forward Richarlison has admitted claims of him imitating fellow compatriots Neymar, revealing that the PSG star was his childhood idol.

The Everton forward confirms that he imitated Neymar’s haircut and his tricks also the shoe, which is now on the other side right after the recent international break.

The 21-year-old forward has been in an impressive form for the Merseysider’s club since the beginning of this 2018/19 Premier League campaign finding the back of the net three times in three games and also scored twice for the Brazil national team.

The Toffees forward confesses his respect for Paris Saint-Germain, going as far to immitating the forward haircut, styles and skills.

Speaking to UK Newspaper, Richarlison said via Goal: “Neymar has been an idol of mine since childhood.

“I’ve always tried to mirror myself in the way he plays and I’ve also tried imitating some of his haircuts. When I was 12 or 13 I had the yellow mohican. I didn’t quite pull it off though because I didn’t have the right hair products.

“It would stay up for five minutes and then just flop down, so it didn’t really work. I told him about the haircut during lunchtime one day on international duty. The whole room fell about laughing – they thought it was hilarious.”

After scoring twice for Brazil during the international break against EL Salvador earlier this month, the 21-year-old celebrated with Neymar with a dance said to be “pigeon dance”.

“It’s something we organised in training. He’s a fan of that dance and he said if we scored in the game we would do the celebration,” Richarlison said.

“It is my dance. He is the one copying me.”

Richarlison will be back to continue his impressive form for both his country and club as he will be back for Premier League action for Everton as they will be facing Arsenal on Sunday.

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