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Diego Maradona: The loss of football artist

As the news emanated from Argentina on 25th of November, 2020, the world was shocked with the death new of the Argentine magician who came, saw and conquered the world with his sumptuous and ever-amazing dazzling movement that wow the world in prime.

Diego Armando Maradona was a true icon and figure of the modern football. Not only did he made many fall in love with the beautiful game but he definitely set the template on the trend of modern football philosophy which envisage power,  precision, techniques, agility, balance and speed; all these were the quality found in one man! Diego Armando Maradona.

Before Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi became the demi-god of football as the two are looking to make their team’s the champions of Europe once again, both Juventus and Barcelona are ripped at 15.0 odds to scoop the UCL gong and 22bet deposit bonus could earn the fans more profit using these demi-god influence in to win more, more so, before Zinedine Zidane became the perfect emblem of modern midfielder, before Ronaldo De-Lima and Ronaldinho began to make the fan shout for joy and before many modern superstars began to make wave in the football world, there was Maradona.

Not only was the bridge between the ancient and modern football, but the Argentine wizard was possibly the greatest footballer of all. The mercurial Argentine world cup winner was also the first modern superstar, the first to get paid life changing amounts of money, the first to experience the full glare of life in the media spotlight.

No doubt! Pelé was good, but the Brazilian was never had to put up with the constant paparazzi’s madness, the extraordinary levels of affection and hate that Maradona usurped on daily basis in his prime.

Born in Corrintes in outskirts of Buenos Aires to one poor background, his rise to the top was rapid like wild fire and there can few people in the world – even among those who know and care nothing of football who don’t know who Maradona is.

From age nine, the young Maradona was already set for greatness as the little magician was the epitome of discussion the folks around where the “Little Onions” played. He already sleeping with the ball and was the star man that helped his team, Little Onions dominated the best team around that time with 140 streak winning as he led Los Cebollitas to a junior championship.

More so, Maradona was not just a star for the Little Onions but a prominent anchor for the Argentinos Juniors shows which prompt the supporters all over the nation to watch in full capacity where the team play.

More importantly, Maradona was the youngest player to ever join the national team at age 16 and became the continent best player when he guided Argentina’s youth team to their trophy which mark the birth of the football God at world stage.

Sitting the tone for four more year in his native he finally made his move to Barcelona at a whopping 7.7million dollars in 1982 which was a crazy deal for a 21-year old who is yet to be tested at the European game and at this stage, Maradona couldn’t settle down-well due to his injuries, the role his coach wanted him to play and the ills of fame and fortune.

At Spain, Maradona’s deadly relation with cocaine and other drugs began to manifest but the little magician never disappoint the audience whenever he his fully fit. Thus he is still well remembered in Spain for his time well spent on the football pitch.

Although the Spanish found Maradona’s ego to be too affluent, but he could be forgiven when he led Barcelona to their Spanish championship  while scoring 38 goals in 58 games during his injury ravaged season at the Catalunya.

More importantly, despite his popularity as the best of his generation, Diego Maradona cemented his legacy as one of the greatest of all time when he moved to the Naples. The Argentina’s icon moved to the Naples in 1984 and he quickly settled down in the city while the fan tagged him “San Diego” as he guided the sky blue club to two scudetto despite being an underdog by far.

While making the whole world dance to his tune on and off the pitch and the magician travelling all over the world to ascertain his majesty was not that spectacular at the club level except the city Naples that gave the wing for the Maradona’s elegance to fly.

However, it was at international cadre that the No. 10 shown the most with series of dazzle and goal scoring as he managed to score 38 times in blue and white Jersey.

Moreover, the ever presence of the Argentine magician popularity was at the core of 1986 world cup inning. The then 25-year-old wizard was again at the fore of Argentina dominance. But it was against England that Maradona cemented his legend.

The majesty of his second goal and the notoriety of his first led to the French newspaper L’Equipe describing Maradona as “half-angel, half-devil” while controversially scoring the first goal with the hand of god, the second was out of this world as he blaze past five English defenders like they were not there makes the 1986 Argentina world cup triumph more meaningful.

But his importance to the Argentina as whole could easily manifest when the mercurial Argentine captained his nation to another world cup final with ankle injury. But his gameplay in the next mundial at Italia-94 could have been devastating like it used to but his affluence beyond the game have been solidified and the regality of the beautiful footballing cliché have all been accepted throughout the world.

More importantly, his career might have whine down in a majestic manner, but the down side of the beautiful song played all over the world by the Argentine footballing artist was marred with his arrogance and off the field capacities dealing with loads of controversies and drug dealing whine down the beautiful song that made the world dance for joy.

The wizard retired from active football career in 1997, but his controversies would allowed the Argentine to rest and enjoyed his beautiful scenery as Maradona movement in and out of hospital since he retired from the sport is beyond what average footballer would have wish.

Even though with his demise and the dark-shade of his career, the legend of Diego Armando Maradona’s song would be played and danced to with joy for eternity by many.