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Philippe Coutinho Wife: Aine Coutinho, how they started dating

Back in the 90s, fans don’t care what a football player does off the pitch except he got injured. In the 21st century, football itself has evolved from the lifestyle it formerly was. Fans now tend to know what their favourite footballer passed through before becoming who he is, where they used to live, what is their dream club, who are they dating or their wives – which is where we are coming to – their children, parents, etc.  

This century, a footballer’s wife or girlfriends are often classified as WAGs – an acronym for Wives and Girlfriends of course – and just like footballers have supporters their girlfriends/wives also do too but let’s not deviate from the title of this article which is mainly about Philippe Coutinho wife.  

Philippe Coutinho has been one of the most valuable footballers in all of Europe since his record-move from Premier League club Liverpool to Spanish giants Barcelona during the January transfer window in 2018 for an initial fee of £105 million.  

What if I told you that Philippe Coutinho met his wife before he started his professional football career, would you believe? Well, the Brazilian met his wife through a mutual friend at a party, when they were 14 years of age in 2007. They grew closer and she asked the footballer if he was going to be her boyfriend – that’s something you don’t hear of every day.  

“We’re from the same neighbourhood and so we just started seeing more and more of each other, going places together and it grew deeper and stronger,” the Brazil superstar said to the media.  

Philippe Coutinho wife and family

Philippe Coutinho wife name is Aine de Souza, she was born on March 31, 1993, in Brazil. She is the daughter of Ines Maria and Jose Airton and has three sisters – Becca, Carol and Aire – and a brother named Antonio. She attended the University of Sao Paulo, where she studied Economics.  

Rumour has it that Philippe Coutinho wife was with him all through his footballing career, travelling with him from where his career began with Vasco da Gama to Inter Milan to Espanyol to Liverpool to Barcelona and finally to Germany, where he currently plays for Bayern Munich, it was even claimed that she stopped her studies in order to keep him company before they were married.  

Soon after the couple got married on December 13, 2012, Coutinho signed for Liverpool in January where they both lived with the Player’s parent Esmeralda and Jose Coutinho for five years before quitting the club.   

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Philippe Coutinho wife gave birth to their first child – a daughter – in Liverpool. They now have two kids – a girl and a boy – Maria Coutinho and Philippe Coutinho Jr.  

Aine Coutinho has an Instagram with 751k followers with the handle @ainee.c, she also has a Twitter account but the last time she was seen with a tweet was in 2016.  

It is safe to say Aine is one of the few WAGs out there that stuck together with their husband through the rough times to the blessed times and she is very proud to be Philippe Coutinho wife. 

They currently live in Germany, we don’t know where but we assume it won’t be too far from the Allianz Arena, Bayern Munich Stadium. Since joining the German club, on loan from Barcelona, Coutinho has seemed to be in a different league of his own as he has only produced outstanding performances for the club this so far in his time there.  

Coutinho is considered to be one of the top ten most valuable players in the World, during his time with Barcelona he won the La Liga twice, one Copa del Rey and one Spanish Super Cup before leaving for the German giants during the summer transfer window in 2019.